2017. szeptember 11. - 14:00
Siker - Elismerés - Kihívás / Success, Recognition, Challenge


Karunkat és ezzel a Debreceni Egyetem koragyermekkori képzéseit ismerte el az EECERA (Koragyermekkori kutatók európai szövetsége) azzal, hogy éves konferenciájának rendezési jogát Magyarország nyerte el. 
Az idei konferencián 49 ország 1100 kutatója vett részt a világ első egyetemén (alapítva 1088), Bolognában. Karunkat képviselte prof. Bálint Péter dékán, Dr. Pálfi Sándor dékán helyettes a Gyermeknevelési Tanszék vezetője és Vargáné dr. Nagy Anikó adjunktus, a Debreceni Egyetem nevében vették át a stafétát, s mutatták be a 2018-s budapesti helyszínt, illetve a Kart, az Egyetemet, melynek fő témája a Család és közösségek lesz.

The delegation of Hungary, Professor Péter Bálint the Dean of the Faculty of Education for Children and Special Educational Needs of University of Debrecen, Sándor Pálfi, Vice-dean and the 1st male early childhood practitioner in Hungary and Anikó Nagy Varga lecturer presented in Bologna the next venue of EECERA 2018. It is an honour and privilege for the Faculty of Education for Children and Special Educational Needs of the University of Debrecen to organize the next EECERA Conference. Firstly, since 1088 Bologna is the first nest of academic life in Europe with long and rich tradition of science and secondly, Budapest and Hungary can host the next EECERA Conference where in 1828 the 1st early childhood provision in the Continent was founded by a noble lady Teréz Brunszvik so the country has a long and rich tradition of early childhood education and it can give a unique opportunity for inspiration for early childhood academics and it will be the 28th EECERA Conference. The Conference venue is in Budapest, University of Technology and Economics in Buda part of the Duna river, in the capital as it is an easier destination for presenters coming from all over the world but the organiser University is the Faculty of Education for Children and Special Educational needs of the University of Debrecen, which is the 2nd largest University in Hungary.
We want to keep the great value of the tradition of EECERA and Budapest Conference Theme: Early Childhood Education, Families and Communities.
The EECERA 2018 conference will revisit and reassess our knowledge and understanding of the enabling family and community conditions which support young children’s education and well-being. The home learning environmentcan mitigate the predictive factors of underachievement.
There are many challenges and tensions that exist in this area which we believe require and deserve greater attention and these include issues of power, social capital and voice.
The Conference aim is to create a forum for thought provoking discussion on these issues which are currently influencing research policy and practice in ECE. Besides the tradition of early childhood education, we want to attract the participants with the joy of Hungarian culture and the sights of Budapest.